George Art Gianakopoulos was born into a large Greek family in 1975 in Springfield, Ohio. He’s the youngest of three brothers and many cousins and is one of many George’s in the family.  Struggles in school because of learning disabilities led to his studies of visual art, specifically, drawing, painting and pottery. After graduating from Avon Old Farms School, in 1994, he made the adventurous move to Fairbanks, Alaska to attend the University of Alaska, Fairbanks (UAF), where he received his BFA in fine arts.   During his time at UAF, he began performing in music groups on the upright bass and continues to play often with a large variety of bands.


    For more than 20 years, he has been making bright, colorful, abstract paintings of music and musicians. He works with acrylic paints on canvas. These paintings reflect his experiences living in Alaska and being part of the Alaska music scene.  Inspired by life living with his young family on a a vegetable, flower and fiber farm (Calypso Farm & Ecology Center), his more recent works (2013-17) include paintings of flower bouquets, and flower and pottery images infused with musical pictures. He has also been experimenting with needle felting wool into stretched canvas before applying paint and sewing and quilting.

     George currently lives in Ester, AK with his wife and two children and continues to make fine art and preform music.